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It D & H GROUP was established in 2014 R & D projects with universities always trying to create a new product development and design.

Mainly it produces the union cloth using MONO FILAMENT flagship products are sold primarily in the United States, Europe, Japan FANCY ITEM produce a variety of products, such as BURN OUT POLYESTER / RAYON, NYLON / RAYON, ORGANDY, METALLIC.

Our products will do the hard work the whole body in a variety of product development by pursuing a differentiated ropgo quality always tricky than the typical products, the diversification of production.

Since its establishment in 2014, D&H GROUP has gained a strong reputation at home and owing to its strict quality control and ceaseless R&D of new items. D&H GROUP now exports more than 70% of its products to U.S.A, Japan and other nations. 


This is burn out products, in particular, D&H GROUP is considered a leader in Daegu City, the mecca of the Korean textile industry, in terms of quality and design. 

Equipped with a team of highly experienced and excellent designers, the company is now endeavoring to become a global fabric manufacturer & supplier.  

Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameD&H GROUP CO., LTD
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2014
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsChina,Germany,France,Japan,U.S.A
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentDong Ho Lee
  • Phone+82-10-3811-3782
  • FAX+82-53-557-4578
  • AddressRm203, Sang-A Tech B/D, Waryong-ro 65-gil, Seo-gu, Daegu, Korea
  • Product Category Textiles & Leather Products > Apparel Fabric > Metallic Fabric
    Textiles & Leather Products > Apparel Fabric > Other Apparel Fabric
    Textiles & Leather Products > Apparel Fabric > Polyester/Rayon Fabric
    Textiles & Leather Products > Apparel Fabric > Printed Fabric
    Textiles & Leather Products > Apparel Fabric > Rayon Fabric

Additional Introduction

This product is a wellness mats for four seasons thought to be produced by the patented breathable fabric 3D effects and health.

(Wellness the quality of life)

SIZE : 70cm X 200cm (±5cm) : SINGLE MAT, CAMPING MAT

90cm X 200cm (±5cm) : SUPER SINGLE MAT, COT

140cm X 200cm (±5cm) : QUEEN & KING MAT

Always a good idea, a good product will together with our customers.  

Manufacturing selling agency : D&H GROUP CO. LTD


Differences from the general mat

1. Matt wood fungus can also cause this stickiness due to weak humidity and contamination by sweat. In addition there are heavy and difficult to keep.

2. If I feel a lot of heat mat is no direct contact with the skin permeability. 

3. Easy to use in a hospital bed. 


3D MAT advantage. 

If you look on the outs with paved the MAT bed or floor cushion and is also not the best thing is well ventilated no time to cause sweating.Fans just very cool.Those who live patient or the bed that must bedridden are available in four seasons.B2B is expected to be sold as a basic minimum capacity of 100EA. 

1. queen size (140CM X 200CM): US $   /EA (F.O.B KOREA)    Factory sales (retail price US $   ) = WEIGHT : 3.6KG 

2. S / S size (90CM X 200CM): US $   /EA (F.O.B KOREA)    Factory sales = WEIGHT : 1.8KG 

3. S size for camping (70CM X 200CM): US $   /EA (F.O.B KOREA)    Factory sales = WEIGHT : 1.4KG 

4. 3D Square cushion: $   /EA (F.O.B KORAE)    Our factory = WEIGHT : 0.27KG 

5. 3D CAR SEAT $   /EA (F.O.B KOREA) = WEIGHT : 0.7/KG 

If you compare prices from China and you must not compare the quality and thickness differences.  


The difference between products take the stuff you see certain domestic skills are excellent.

3D three-dimensional structure of the fabric produced by the weight distribution, the effect is good for posture maintenance. 

Acceptable and comfortable long-term use as a quick air circulation. 

Winter warm summer cool for a season that can be used.Since only the springs of the support role cushion, excellent elasticity. 

Matt thought wellness and health. 



Factory Information

  • D&H GROUP CO., LTDRm203, Sang-A Tech B/D 16,Waryong-ro 65-gil, Seo-gu,Daegu,Korea